Vol. 16.NO. 3-October 2017

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Cytogenetic studies of the drug methotrexate (MTX) on the blood lymphocytes of colon cancer patients


Zainab M. T. Jaafer     ,     Eshmail  K. Shubber

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Detection of BRCAII genetic variations in Iraqi breast cancer patients


Shatha S. Jumaah  ,  Khalid Tobal  ,  Ban A. Abdul-Majid   ,  Nuria Abdul Hussain

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Study of micronuclei frequency in human lymphocyte of local samples in Eshtar village and Al-Tameem region surrounding at  Al-Tuwaitha site

Shatha K. K.   ,  Amel J. Muttar  ,  Abdullsahib K. Ali  ,   Nayama H. Z.   ,     Adil, H.E.  ,  Yasser A.H.

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Prevalence of toxoplasmosis among cancer patients in Thi-Qar province


Bassad A. AL-Aboody    ,   Noor K. AL-Rekaby

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DsDNA-encased single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) biosensor for detecting hydrogen peroxide in biological environment


Azhar Kamel

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Polymorphism variation of l-selectin the pro213ser (rs2229569) in Iraqi Arab patient with type2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)


Kebaa A.Saeed  ,  Asmaa M. S. Al-Mohaidi

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Study of mutant frequency  hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HPRT)  gene in   human lymphocyte for local samples of Al-Tuwaitha region-Iraq


Naeema H. Z. , Abulsahib K. Ali , Amel J. Muttar , Shatha K.K.  ,   Yasser A. H.  ,     Neybras, M.

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Prevalence evaluation of streptococcus Pneumoniae in neutropenic cancer patients


Raed A.H. Shabaa

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Assessment of DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes of workers occupationally exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation in Al-Amal hospital for cancer in Baghdad

Amel J. Muttar  , Wiaam A. Al-Amli   ,    Abulsahib K. Ali    ,   Shatha K.K    ,    Yasser  A.H.   ,    Adul H. A.  ,   Naeema , H. Z

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The correlation between KRAS mutations and H. pylori in gastric cancer patients


Shorouq Abdul Jabar  ,  Abdul Hussein M. ALFaisal

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Interleukin (IL) 17 expression in Iraqi bladder carcinoma Patients


Hind M. Mousa

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Influence of multi-drug transporter gene ABCG2 polymorphism (C421A) in clinical out care in some Iraqi chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with imatinib mesylate


Maysoon Hasan Abdul-Razq    ,   Wiaam Ahmed Al-Amili  ,   Abdul Hussein Moyet       Al-Faisal ,    Ismail A. Abdulhassan    ,   Shatha S. Jumaah

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The role of single nucleotide polymorphism (C/T) of TGF-β1 gene at position -509 in the promoter region in progression of breast cancer among some Iraqi women


Rand Muhammed Abdul-Hussain Al-Hussaini

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Polymorphism in promoters of TLR-2 gene in Iraqi patients with tuberculosis


Awatif H. Issa       ,       Mazin S. Salman

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Role of Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) in human females with breast cancer


Abbas Sabbar Dakhil

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Effect of vincristine and vinblastine from Vinca rosa  on microtubulues of tumor H22 cell line (hepatic cell line)

Ibrahim H. Mohammed   ,   Maryam Hikmat Abdullatif

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Vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression and polymorphism C936T in Iraqi patients with ovarian carcinoma


Maisaa G. Jumaa   ,    Khalid k. Tobal   ,     Mohammed Ghanim

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Assessment the impact of zinc and copper on GST, ALP in blood of cancer patients


Iqbal Fadhil Alwan  ,  Ammar Mawla Hamood

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Study the relation of gastric cancer with helicobacter pylori infection among dyspeptic patients


Wasan Hatem Rzooqi    ,      Muna Turkey Al-Mossawei

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Using HPRT gene mutation assay for detection of reasons of thyroid disorders in patients at Al-Zuaaffaranya city


Mithal Abd Al-Kareem Abd Aon

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Evaluation of diagnostic and prognostic value of mucin (MUC 1) gene expression in breast cancer patients


Jawdat N. Gaaib  ,   Abdul Hussein M. AL-Faisal    ,   Mohammed Ghanim M.

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Evaluation of sperm apoptosis in Iraqi severe oligozoospermic patients using annexin-V by flow cytometry


Ghassan M. Hassan  ,  Ismail A. Abdul-hassan

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XRCC1 codon 194 polymorphism in Iraqi population


Luma A. H. Al Obaidy

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Polymorphisms and haplotypes in multidrug resistance 1 (MDR1) gene and their association with clinical outcome of some Iraqi patients with acute leukemia.


Kifah Jabbar Alyaqubi   ,   Abdul Hussein M. AL-Faisal    ,    Khalid Tobal

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Effect of physical and chemical mutagenesis on protease production from aeromonas hydrophila


Maies T. Abd-Allah, Asmaa A. Hussein, Hamed M. Jasim

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Isolation and identification of opportunistic fungi from patients with different types of leukemia in Baghdad province

Alaa M. Hasan    ,    Sura Muayad Abdul Majeed

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Cytotoxic effect of saponins extracted from yucca on human breast cell line (HBL-100) in vitro.


Hind H. Obaid    ,  Nadia T. Barakat   ,  Ansam G. Abdul-Halim    ,   Zainab H.  Abood ,   Liqaa H. Sagban   ,   Mustafa N. J. Al- Darraji ,   Rouwaida, A. Aftan

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AZFc deletion assignment in fertile male


Safaa M. Al-Taei

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Molecular genetic analysis role in diagnosis of primary amenorrhea patients


Safaa M. Al-Taei

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Detection one of DNA repair gene for lung cancer in sample of Iraqi patients

Hiba M. Al-Khafaji    ,    Sura A. abdulateef  ,    Zahraa A. abdulhady

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The possible cancer risk factor of helicobacter pylori infections in immunocompromised children


Amer  N. Amer   ,   Janan G. Hassan  ,       Ihsan E. Al-Saimary

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Occurrence of oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma among patients in Basrah city


Maha M. Al-mahfoud  ,  Ihsan  E. AlSaimary ,    Ali.  A. Al shawi

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